I have discovered over the years a very negative and significant statistic on wedding related facts: Being a bridesmaid can strain a relationship and unhappily it happens that after the wedding is done, bride and bridesmaid never speak again. This is a lot of stress and a very high pressure to put this job on some of your most valuable life time friends. This is the reason why you MUST consider to hire a Bridesmaid Assistant PRO, who exclusively and professionally can handle all of the tasks. You must also consider hiring a person that is a Fashion Designer, a Stylist; who has notable influence in the hair, clothing and makeup industry. But to find all these in ONE is an, almost impossible and time consuming task for you, therefore more stress.  On the other hand, hiring just anybody, without a background or expertise can ruin the “big day”. So you need to make the last and most important little investment decision as a single lady. No one else would care or see the value of this unforgettable life changing event as YOU and ONLY YOU can feel it because is happening to YOU.

 Advice by your loved ones is always a blessing. But this is the only type of decision that needs to come from YOU and no one else.

I, as a Fashion Designer, Stylist and Wedding Apparel “Restoration Artist” OFFER THIS SERVICE!

At the end of you lecture you can go to my websites and social media and get to know me a little better. But for now, it is my duty to inform you about this absolutely necessary service to make your whole life easier on your last days as a single princess turning into “Queen”.

 I will relate some of the most common tasks you, as a new coming wife, need to be handling, but not limited to, the following bridesmaid duties, which can all be better groomed according to your needs:


To start, I design DREAM & UNIQUE wedding dresses from scratch, following your looks, your style, your taste and your personality. But if you already have your dress I will help you modify, fix or adapt your own dress to the whole event, matching it to your dear bridesmaid friends dresses.

By experience, I know the bride picks her dress with anticipation. This, sometimes can go through stressful moments because the bride tends to change her body weight during the anxious last few weeks, which has an impact when fitting back into the dress. As a restoration artist it won’t mean an issue. I take full care of this.

I help you with all the matching shoes, jewelry, colors, to make a beautiful match between you and your bridesmaid’s.

Get your gown preserved for when you return from the honeymoon. Make sure is neat and in shape.

Pack a honeymoon "in case you forget" bag.

Help you choose bridesmaid’s dresses including shoes, hairstyles, makeup and nails professionally done.

Attend the engagement party, for last minute details.

As the most important task as your Bridesmaid Assistant Pro I will be there with you and for you, in the very last details right before you step into the isle, party, church or where ever that big moment will be.

While you, your family and friends focus on having a blast, I will focus on YOU.

Get your own wedding the importance it deserves by hiring a UNIQUE service in the world and be the center of your social nucleus.

Ask me about more details. I would LOVE to hear how you think I can, professionally and personally assist you even better in the best event of your life.

Let’s have coffee! The consultation is ABSOLUTELY FREE and I am here for you from day one.



A wedding is a door to happiness,
When two decide to share their lives as one.
Your marriage is an adventure bright and new;
The pleasures and delights have just begun...

Adrienn Braun