Adrienn Braun is a New York based Fashion Designer and Stylist who discovered her passion at a very early age back in Hungary, while helping her grandmother do clothing restoration work.

She applied the Hungarian embroidery principles on her collection, shown in Atlantic City, NY in 2015.

Adrienn has a very wide background career in TV production, started at age 12.

She is currently well known in the TV industry in NYC as an Anchorwoman for the Hungarian American TV.

She is in route of projecting her very first Fashion TV Show, airing in 2016. The show is intended for women of all ages to be inspired to re discover their inner beauty. 

Adrienn Braun

Her style stands out for the inspired uniqueness of her garments, adapted to the person wants, needs, adaptability and style, rather than person having to go out to shop and adapt to another random style found on a random window storefront.  Adrienn has very clear that a person typically choses to dress according to a state of mind, and states of mind always vary. A person’s state of mind is always suggested by their environment and current circumstances. And this is the main reason why people then, may regret their own decisions. Adrienn, makes sure the person’s style decision matches their real inner style, something not commonly found in designers worldwide.

Her inspiration for her next 2016 collection was simple and sexy, using lace and colorful fabrics, combined with simple black or white colors.

She started to explore business in Japan for 2016, as well with her first exotic bridal fashion collection, which will be her real fashion niche. ​